About 360NET

360NET has a wide and robust network of fiber optic and microwave links that allow interconnection in different locations throughout the country, offering our clients a range of IP services that have the NAP of the Americas as their point of origin.

Peer Request

Requests for BGP sessions must be made via email through the one indicated at the bottom of the page (NOC or Peering Contact). 360NET reserves the right to accept or reject a request without explaining in detail the reason for the decision.

Autonomous System

360NET operates with an autonomous system (AS Number): AS267809, which is the only ASN currently associated and the BGP session must be carried out with it.

Technical requirements

Publicly visible unique ASN.
Border router with the ability to establish BGP sessions.
Mutually configured BGP session.
Contact person for setting up the session and setting it up.
The requesting organization must meet the technical requirements of the data center where it is located to carry out the session.

General terms

Each party must be responsible for compliance with the regulations, licenses or authorizations necessary for the establishment of the session on the site where it is located.
The requesting organization must guarantee the proper functioning of the network, applying the respective policies that prevent illegal actions in it.
360NET reserves the right to modify the Peering policies at any time if required.

Peer information
Suggested Prefix Limit IPv45000
Suggested Prefix Limit IPv61000
PeeringDB peeringdb.com/net/25047
NOC contactsoporte@fibra360.net
Peering contactpeering@fibra360.net
Website https://fibra360.net